A Family Project that has evolved into a Family Business

Let’s just say we did not set out to be a doll room manufacturer, but we are very excited to be one today.

It all started a few years ago when my daughters asked me to build them a dollhouse for their American Girl® dolls. They had seen videos online of dollhouses that other people had built. Some people had entire rooms in their homes devoted to their dollhouse. They ranged from the simple to the extravagant, but the one consistent factor through out all of them was that they were all ENORMOUS.

But I had to wonder – what would they do with them when their children were done playing with dolls? Where would they store them?

I knew we didn’t have any extra space in our home for anything that big. I also knew that my girls liked to play in different rooms in the house and they brought their dolls everywhere. We searched the internet to see what was available on the market that we could buy that was more manageable and portable. The more we searched the more amazed I was that there was nothing out there that was small, light or portable.

We started toying with the idea of trying to make a house that could fold and be put away when not in use and that would be portable so that they could bring it with them places. It did not take long to determine that the task at hand was not going to be easy.

After a few failed attempts, my daughter suggested that we just make individual rooms and we can put them together to make the house. At the time I do not think we realized what a revolutionary idea we had come up with – the first modular dollhouse.

Our rooms have all the features of a real room like carpets and curtains, but have the convenience of being able to be folded and put away, as well as being portable. We have worked diligently to create something that was realistic but also practical.

We hope other families enjoy what we have taken so much pleasure in creating.